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Over 450 piano worship and praise songs drawn from cultures around the world, written in a Joyful manner!

Worship with us as we begin our musical journey! Joshua 1:1-18 * James 1:1-3

~ Level 1 ~

Are you looking to learn how to play piano? Do you want to be able to worship the Lord as you learn? Then you're in the right place! Steps To Joy Music's piano curriculum is a unique way to learn how to play and worship the Lord on the piano.

Level 1 is wonderful for beginners of all ages, because it teaches you basic musical principles, yet you will also be worshiping while you learn. There are two books in the level, as well as two musical tapes for your listening enjoyment. And if you're teaching yourself or your children, be sure to check out the teaching manual, because it is an essential ingredient that you won't want to be without. Let Steps To Joy lead you on a musical journey like you have never experienced!

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Piano Book

Piano Preparatory Book 1: Stand Fast In The Lord!

This first book provides step-by-step piano instruction, allowing the music to flow quickly and smoothly for the beginning student. It contains over 75 songs which are enjoyed by beginning students of all ages. The front cover is even colorable so your young student can personalize it!


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Piano Tape

Stand Fast In The Lord! (Music and Piano CD)

"Stand Fast" is the first in a series of CD's which go along with the music books. "Stand Fast" introduces the student to the Shepherd Sound Company and friends as they travel on a musical journey. You will understand first-hand about the Lord's faithfulness as you learn to play and worship Him, standing fast in the Lord.


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Piano Book

Piano Book 1A ~ Skill Builder and Enrichment (Now With Guitar Chords!)

Delightful addition to Book 1. Contains many more scripture songs which continue to enhance musical skills and techniques, while still bringing glory to the Lord. Continues into Level Two with Scripture songs taken from Isaiah 40:24-26, Romans 12:1-2, Psalm 144:1-3, Psalm 4- "Lead Me O Lord," "Arise, shine," Isaiah 60, and many others. A great way to keep the piano playing journey going!


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Piano Tape

Possess The Land! (Music and Piano Tape)

This tape continues the wonderful story line from "Stand Fast" as the group continues their musical adventure. The tape teaches basics of worship warfare as well as wisdom from God's Word. Contains the song "Most High God" and twenty other scripture songs.


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Teaching CD

Music Class (Teaching CD) (FREE with every order of Level 1 Starter Pack)

We have a wonderful teaching tool for elementry music teachers called Music Class. This CD is character based and Christ centered, and has some fascinating insights into musical techniques from the Bible. It's a fun way for your students to learn music theory concepts through songs- it's a dramatical presentation set in a classroom that teaches the basic foundations of music principles such as: octaves, dynamics, time signature, key signature, thirds, rhythm, notation, position of the notes and many more. This CD can revolutionize your music classes! No boring paperwork, this is just a fun way to learn musical principles!


CD: $15.00

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Teaching Manual


Piano Course Teaching Manual for Level 1

A step-by-step, how-to-teach-piano manual aimed at educating the whole family on musical principles. Contains over 100 hands on music activities! Includes a glossary of Italian music terms, sample overlays, and history cards. This manual contains everything you need to begin your piano playing journey, even if you don't know anything about music!


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Order the entire Starter Pack for Level 1 and save over 20%!

Starter Pack includes: Two piano books, two music tapes, teaching manual.

Plus, get your FREE teaching CD: "Music Class"with each order of all Level 1 items! This tape teaches concepts of beginning music theory with 21 adorable songs ($20.00 value!)

$89.95 for all of Level 1!

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