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Over 450 piano worship and praise songs drawn from cultures around the world, written in a Joyful manner!

Worship with us as we begin our musical journey! Joshua 1:1-18 * James 1:1-3

~ Level 2 ~

Are you looking to learn how to play piano? Do you want to be able to worship the Lord as you learn? Then you're in the right place! Steps To Joy Music's piano curriculum is a unique way to learn how to play and worship the Lord on the piano.

Level 2 continues the musical journey that began in level 1. The songs and skills learned are a little more advanced, but the message of Jesus Christ is the same. Level 2 heads out into the barren wilderness, with songs that reflect hard times and God's faithfulness in the midst of them. It's a powerful declaration of hope that will uplift your spirit, no matter how tough your circumstances may be. The set contains two piano books and two music tapes, as well as a more advanced teaching manual, which also includes vocal instruction.


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Piano Book

Piano Book 1b - Bloom In The Desert (Taken From Isaiah 35)

In Book 1b, skills expand with the addition of staff notes above and below the grand staff. Also to be found among the desert blooms are piano "miniatures" written in a classical style, along with poems and scripture songs written around the theme of the book. Contains over 65 pages of worship songs and is bound in a colorful cover.


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Music Tape

Bloom In The Desert (Music and Piano Tape)

This tape continues the musical adventure in the hot and dry desert. This story helps you to understand more fully how to trust the Lord and worship Him, even when the situations around you are looking grim. The tape helps you to understand how to experience the refreshing of the Lord, as we discover what it means to "Bloom in the desert."


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Piano Book

Piano Book 2 - Heartstrings

This book contains over 70 pages of delightful scripture songs that teach patterns for accompanyment and worship. Can be used in conjunction with Bloom In The Desert. It is bound with a beautiful color cover.


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Music Tape

Heartstrings (Music and Piano Tape)

The third tape in the series helps us discover the hidden melodies God has placed upon the strings of our hearts, why He has placed them there, and what He wants us to do with them. Discover a new key to joy as we progress on our way to possess the land. These tapes (as well as the ones to follow) carry a theme of learning God's Word through music. Listeners will discover the joyful lessons as well as learn to skillfully progress on the piano.


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Teaching Manual

Level 2 Teaching Manual

This unique syllabus gives you the tools to teach Steps to Joy through both written instruction and beautifully done graphics. These pages are wonderful jewels gleaned directly from God's Holy Word. A section on voice training is included for family hymn singing and vocal enhancement. Teaches levels 2 and up.


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