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Over 450 piano worship and praise songs drawn from cultures around the world, written in a Joyful manner!

Worship with us as we begin our musical journey! Joshua 1:1-18 * James 1:1-3

~ Level 3 ~

Are you looking to learn how to play piano? Do you want to be able to worship the Lord as you learn? Then you're in the right place! Steps To Joy Music's piano curriculum is a unique way to learn how to play and worship the Lord on the piano.

Level 3 continues the musical journey from level 2, incorporating new advanced skills through various musical styles. There are also two divinely inspired musicals that bring added excitement to the journey!


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Piano Book

Piano Book 3: Surprise In A Bucket

You will find over 94 pages of scripture songs that joyfully develop techniques with 16th notes in all forms. The songs are very joyful, and are the accompanyment to the musical "Surprise In A Bucket." As you find the surprise you will find great treasure!


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Surprise In A Bucket (Children's Musical -24 scripture songs)

Something wonderful happens as we continue our music adventure. The bucket full of water is poured out on the dry ground, and noteworthy secrets are revealed. The children are animated, it's an easy, rewarding, enjoyable way to memorize scripture through song, while enjoying a musical adventure. A Christian allegory containing many life lessons that we face every day. Geared toward the young at heart of all ages. Presents a message of hope in our day to day Christian experience. It is also a prophetic word for the Body of Christ. More info >>>

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Piano Book

Piano Book 3A - The River

As the river flows, the adventure brings a refreshing as we continue with bass clef pattern expansion in gospel style. There are over 100 pages of songs that will touch your heart, including many classical style songs, three concertos, and over 50 worship and scripture songs.


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The River (Children's Musical)

The sequel to Surpise In A Bucket, this musical delivers more nuggets of Truth for practical living. In this musical, the story characters look

A continuation of teaching who the Lord really is, so that we might draw closer to Him. More info >>>

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FREE "Shine As Lights" multi-sensory
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