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Over 450 piano worship and praise songs drawn from cultures around the world, written in a Joyful manner!

Worship with us as we begin our musical journey! Joshua 1:1-18 * James 1:1-3

~ Musicals ~

The children's musicals Surprise In A Bucket and The River were birthed as a prophetic vision for the Body of Christ. While being prophetic in nature, they are very enjoyable and understandable, even for the youngest child. People of all ages have come to love and appreciate the two furry critters, Joshua (Squirrel) and Caleb (Otter) who lead the children on their merry adventure, while at the same time teaching truths from God's Word. The music is uplifting and peppy, the story is exciting, and most importantly, the message is scriptural and relevant to everyday living. You and your children are sure to listen to them over and over!


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Surprise in a Bucket
A Children's Musical by Nancy Lamka


Surprise in a Bucket is a Christian Allegory containing 24 songs, all complete with sound effects. The cast is made up of nine children and adults who radiate enthusiasm and emotion as they go through their journey and sing their songs to the Lord. It carries a prophetic message for the church today and was taken from Numbers 24.

Our desire is that you will enjoy the musical and also that your church or school might perform it to touch others' lives. Because of this we have produced both a background cassette and a background CD as well as a Play Book with lines and stage directions, plus sheet music with words.

"We play this musical over and over. It reminds us of what the U.S. families used to be...(wholesome) with all the different ages working together. Our grandchildren love it too! Very uplifting, it is wonderful." Jim Miller, Retired businessman

"The purity of the children's voices brought tears to my eyes." Sally Durr, Mother of three

"My husband and I have really seen God work through this wonderful musical "Surprise in a Bucket." We have given them out as we travel around the world.” Pat Peterson, Retired secretary, Intel


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CD: 14.95

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Background Tape: $4.95

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CD, Play Book, Directions: $39.95

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The River
A Children's Musical by Chuck and Nancy Lamka


The River is a sequel to Surprise In A Bucket and continues you on the same journey. The musical encourages you to draw deeply from the river of life which flows from the throne of God.

The first scene takes place around a campfire, reflecting on their journey in Surprise In A Bucket, thanking the Lord for His faithfulness. Several of the songs contain messages of hope and joy even in the midst of suffering. It brings a deeper understanding of who God can be in every situation in our lives.

It features a cast of eleven and twenty songs, each one packed with scripture. The play is divided into 3 scenes. Also available is a background CD.

"Wow! What a gift! I have listened to both the cassette and the CD. My sons came in the room while I had them on. My 8 year old said, 'I really like this music. Where'd you get it?' The 5 year old agreed. I explained that they were kid's musical productions and asked what he would think about the kids at church performing them. He LOVED the idea." Kimmie Hyatt, Mother and church Staff member, Florida.

"What a precious CD. It is such a blessing and really ministered to me. It is just what I needed." Jan Lawrence, Women's Ministries leader, Colorado


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CD: $14.95

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Background CD $12.95

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