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Over 450 piano worship and praise songs drawn from cultures around the world, written in a Joyful manner!

Worship with us as we begin our musical journey! Joshua 1:1-18 * James 1:1-3


" If I were anywhere in the world, I would recognize this music. It is beautiful and reflects our Savior."
Jenny Keifer -Home school teen (now teaching the curriculum)

"Thank you for filling our home with beautiful music that is so worshipful! It truly glorifies God."
K.P. Home educator, Alaska

" I like it because it is about Jesus, It is beautiful."
Ryan Durr, 11

"This piano curriculum has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Every time the children sit down to practice the piano our home is filled with worship and the Lord's peace rests upon us."
Julie Botsford- Home educator and mother of eight, Oregon

" I love the story tapes. I listen to them over and over."
Sarah, 10, home school girl

"Thank you and those who have worked with you to make this curriculum available. It is totally Christ-centered. It is wonderful!"
Esther Hobbs- Worship leader, piano teacher, Pennsylvania

"This music needs to be published!"
Robert, 12, home school

Welcome to Steps To Joy Music!

Are you looking to learn how to play piano? Do you want to be able to worship the Lord as you learn? Then you're in the right place!

The Steps To Joy Music piano curriculum is an unique way to learn how to play and worship the Lord on the piano. It's a curriculum that is totally Christ-centered and Bible based, and every song will help you to draw closer to the Lord. These songs bring a greater experience of who God is, and help us to realize that it's not all about us, it's all about Jesus!

Of course, you'll love the musical aspect of each song as well, because they are beautiful and moving pieces that you can play over and over again and never grow tired of. All the music you will find here is original and uplifting - you won't find any boring, overused songs on this site! Most of all, the songs glorify the Lord, and will have a positive impact on your home and family. And new music is being added (as well as sound files, so you can listen before you buy), so check back often!

Steps To Joy has been making music for over 20 years, and has been serving you online for the past 4 years. We've upgraded the site to make your browsing easier and more enjoyable. Here you'll find children's musicals, piano books for all levels, original sheet music, and original arrangements of your favorite seasonal songs!


Nancy Lamka has finally put out an "Inspirational Classical" piano CD! It has been described as "incredibly soothing", "peaceful", "gripping", and people have been using it to "detox" after a rough day's work. Listen to songs from the CD, find out when Nancy is playing, and be one of the first to get a copy of 'more than mauve' by clicking here:
Nancy Lamka - 'more than mauve'


The following is a brief description for each section:

Level 1 - Teaches the beginning student sightreading skills and basic fundamentals of playing the piano. The songs are uplifting and teach trust in the Lord.

Level 2 - Introduces ledger notes above and below the staff, uses a melody line with various patterns of bass clef accompaniment, and teach beginning improvisation. The books teach that through the hard times of our lives, God's song will be our refuge.

Level 3 - Introduces 16th notes in various patterns, making the songs more challenging. Each book is a "treasure box" filled with hope from God's word, presented in an uplifting, joyful manner.

Level 4 - Scripture songs in relative major and minors, and many ethnic styles. Book 6 is written in a classical sonatina style. Some songs include counter melodies and other instrumental parts (flute, violin, etc.) Prayerfully, these songs will bring a humbleness of heart and steadfastness in the Lord, as you find true intimacy with Him.

Musicals - Every home should have them! They are uplifting, joyful, and teach God's Word and His faithfulness. They can be performed by homeschool families, schools, or church groups. They're terrific! They're also great for background music during prayer time devotionals.

Sheet Music - This exclusive selection of songs will truly enrich your life and bring wholeness to your heart. They were inspired in the midst of great trouble, these songs will produce God's gift of gold in heart and draw you closer to Him, no matter your circumstances.

Seasonal Music - This unique blend of flowing original arrangements to your favorite Christmas Carols will add the finishing touch to your holiday season! These anointed medleys will make your heart yearn to know Jesus more!

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