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NEW WORSHIP BOOK by Chuck Lamka!

Rev. Chuck Lamka, Nancy's husband, has recently released an insightful book called Seven Steps To Joy Through Praise And Worship! This book is a masterfully written work explaining the truth about what real worship is, and also includes practical solutions for growing closer to the Lord through regular worship times, both solitary and communnal. With all the hype and performance that has crept into the Church's worship these days, it's a refreshing reminder of where our focus should be, first and foremost - on Jesus Christ. This is a must-read for every worship leader, and a great resource for anyone who desires to draw closer to Jesus through worship and praise.
Order your life-changing copy of Seven Steps To Joy Through Praise And Worship! today!

Worship leaders have told us that the second syllabus needs to be in the hands of worship leaders everywhere. It's just packed full of practical teaching techniques and insights from God's Word. The manual also contains wonderful graphics that illustrate both the spiritual and practical applications of music. It teaches all about worship warfare, and there is also a section on voice training. If you are a worship leader, this is a tool that you will want to get your hands on! Click here to learn more.


"Your coming to our church and helping us with worship has had lasting benefits. Families noticed in our church that their children were singing instead of fighting! It is a joy to worship with good music that is pleasing to the Lord. You really brought our church together to go that direction. Thank you so much for your encouragement training."
E.T., Pastor's Wife, Washington State

"People are still wondering how the Lord could do so much through you both in such a short time. Most of all they were touched by the love of Jesus through your lives."
N.B., Modesto, Philippines

"I'll play my drum for Him, fa rum bum bum bum..."


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